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What is the meaning of Enterprice Resource Planning?


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a branch of integrated system designs. It had been used for only a few, large companies, but today, it has been started to be used by a lot of small companies to. ERP’s “being able to simultaneously distribute the needed data to different departments and also classify and store data” features, are the main reasons that lead even the smallest companies to choose it. ERP systems’ substructure provides to globally access and process any kind of information that has been entered by any user/location/department/etc. from anywhere. This ability is useful in highly competitive markets. Other programs are usually designed for specific processes and businesses, whereas ERP can be adapted to any operation. Data can be processed to be integrated to the needed formats.

Your Business Grows with ERP


Why do you prefer Enterprice Resource Planning?

Process Management

ERP systems serve as an information bank for the companies. Interdepartmental, simultaneous data flow is created and can be accessed anytime. By this way, especially processes that wait...


ERP systems work integrated with the departments. So, every departmants’ every process will be in a specific standardized procedure. Every standardized procedure lead company to reduced cycle...


If a company is growing, its biggest problem is control. Due to lack of control mechanism, performance will decrease. ERP system make firms control their growth steadily...

Decision Making Process

Managers should be able to access any information they wish for healthy decision making. Speed of right decisions determine a company’s place in the market. Changing customer...

Customer Satisfaction

ERP systems are number one supporter of customer oriented companies. Every single purpose that ERP serves will increase customer satisfaction. ERP software make firms to be...

Cost Management

ERP systems reduce companies’ overall costs. Synchronized information sharing technology provide firms to control their inventories and safety stock better and reduce...



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